Celebrity Nutritionist Christine Lusita Is ‘So Happy’ After Transforming Her Body & Ditching Fad Diets: ‘I’m Resilient’


The author of the best selling book The Right Fit Formula had dabbled in just about every fad diet you can imagine.

“I had tried everything — butter in your coffee, Weight Watchers, fasting, the cabbage diet, the Atkins diet. And I just was like, ‘Why am I so unsuccessful?’ Like my famous quote was, ‘I’ll start again on Monday, you know?’ Every holiday I felt like I was always on a diet. I could never really eat and enjoy holiday food or birthday cake. I always felt like I had to have like a small sliver of cake because I never wanted to be overweight,” the expert recalls.

Lusita then decided to take matters into her own hands and took up running and Pilates, as she is not the type of person that would ever go to a bootcamp.

“I was training myself,” she says. “I knew if I could mentally get through one block to the next during my run, I could push through the hard moments in life, it would be worth it. Exercise taught me discipline.”

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