Jertaker is quietly building up his empire brick by brick. Nothing is stopping him. Many obstacles have tried to phase the building and growing process of the production, but Jertaker is not one to let the barriers bring him down or cause him to give up. On the contrary, he comes out on top in every situation with time and energy.

Jertaker has been in the entertainment industry since he was young but started to take it seriously once he founded his production in December 2015. The production was named “Boxer Jertaker Production” and became to be as a record label that offered many other service offerings and products. As of 2018, his production changed its name to “EC City Productions” or (E.C.P.). This change was to become more professional. It also changed the services that it offers to its clients.

Now “EC City Productions” is expanding its connections by networking, increasing and building more efficient ways of profiting and catching opportunities, and making the best out of them. Of course, a lot goes into production publicly and behind closed doors. At every moment possible, Jertaker and his crew continue to put their all into every opportunity obtained. Moreover, suitable investments created to grow the production, proper education, and business improvements are also manipulating the production increase. As Jertaker grows his business into a powerhouse, we see the slope of progress. Each year dramatic change and growth are put forth, showing massive success. Jertaker claims all though he has been grinding for many years now, this is still the beginning.


EC City Productions is a music-oriented business. Yes, it has many other offerings, but music is one of the big ones. Production qualities will increase; those part of the production will acquire essential skills that will progressively improve. As a result, profits and production worth will be growing, and advertising has advanced to bring the production further to the public eye. Eventually, “EC City Productions” will promote more music artists and help build their brands. But for now, Jertaker is putting forth effort towards his brand, setting the foundation and creating the successful business he wanted brick by brick.


EC City Productions is getting the details together about the second battle royal that will take place. Jertaker himself posted an advertisement on social media claiming that this one would be bigger and better. As of right now, we are waiting for more information. ECP Wrestling became slightly paused due to a lack of funds for most plans. But it is just waking back up because no matter the funding, Jertaker will make things work and bring forth the entertainment to the audience and the healthy sport it is to those partaking in it. Jertaker has said it is a stress reliever, a workout, a fun activity to participate in, and entertainment to the public, which is accurate.


This year, Jertaker and EC City Productions have also brought us a fantastic trailer for the entertainment channel. The trailer contained an excellent feel for what to expect with Jertaker and the ECP crew regarding the content, wrestling, and music. Unfortunately, it has been quiet with vlogs and content. But that is because Jertaker had featured on many other channels on YouTube in collaborations/interviews/podcasts and special appearances. The wait time has been very long for the next vlog, the Paqui One Chip Challenge, which will be their second video regarding this challenge. Jertaker calls it the redemption video and has more participating and many wanting to beat it with more chivalry. The wait time has been much longer with this video due to the five cameras used to film the vlog and the massive workload he has acquired. But the word is that it is very close to being finished. More will be to come soon.


EC City Productions has plenty of connections and tools to grow brands or individuals worth it. For example, a business going by Oasis Hair & Beauty Inc. on Main St. in downtown Buffalo NY hired Jertaker and EC City Productions to make an advertisement video for their store. Advertisement videos are only one of many marketing/advertising tools that EC City Productions can supply. For more information, you can contact the EC City Productions Facebook page.

To see the Oasis Hair & Beauty Inc. advertisement video click the link below:

EC City Productions has plenty of offerings and is continually expanding, so who is to say what will come in the future.

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