Meet Liltorious and Find Out why This German Artist and Producer is Taking Over

Tejiri Alawuru is an independent rising rapper from Germany who was born in Gütersloh, Germany. Tejiri Alawuru grew up in Gütersloh to be a great up-and-coming rapper. Before switching to becoming an independent rapper, Liltorious has produced his own beats when he was 16 years old. Liltorious started recording his own music with his buddies when he was 18 years old. Soon after, he attracted the admiration of thousands of people online, who praised him for his distinctive, alluring, and memorable songs. At that point, he decided to change his profession and start rapping.

Liltorious is now much more committed to music and has plans to release his next EP „DÄZED“ soon. He has always drawn influence from his favorite musicians like Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Yeat and Future. These musicians are renowned for their distinctive lyrics, and Liltorious shares the same qualities. His closest supporters on the road to success as a rapper are his family and friends.

One day, Liltorious wants to be a household name and a well-known rapper throughout the globe. He wants to serve as an example for all the young people out there who are having a hard time pursuing their goals. Make sure to listen to his music and stay tuned for his new EP in August 2022.

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