“Connection” (Official Music Video) Shorty T & Mayjah Payne

Yooooo, check out the new heat we just picked up. This music video was shot by Shorty T & Mayjah Payne. It is the official music video for their single entitled “Connection.” The song is already out on all digital music platforms for your listening pleasure but will be added to a new upcoming project from Crown Energy. If you don’t already know, Crown Energy is a group name for Shorty T & Mayjah Payne. Anytime they release music together, you will see the name Crown Energy. They are always bringing you the best when it comes to this rap/hip hop game. Both artists have been consistently hitting the music charts this year so be sure to check out the progress. Tap in to their social media profiles and websites.

Shorty T

Mayjah Payne

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