Namek237 saxophonist & rugby playe is on his way to the mainstream

The path to success is not always easy – just ask aspiring singers, and they will tell you the tiresome, persistent process that has kept them awake on many nights. As you continue to pursue your career dreams, reading up on some successful artist stories can help boost morale, especially if you already have a successful plan, you need a boost of encouragement. Namek237 is quietly building up his empire brick by brick. Nothing is stopping him.

He introduced himself as Namek237 saxophonist and rugby player 15 years ago, he started playing the saxophone when he was little. He used to play in music school, now he is an independent musician in his career. He has given music lessons to children and adults. In the future, he would like to play with great artists like Masego and Gunna. His country has marked him and rocked him with African music and it is there that he has drawn musical inspiration. His music is unique because he brings a mixture of pop and jazz. His new single will be composed of several musicians and singers. His social networks are Instagram and Twitter

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