Cuerda Floja” is a sassy song about a past lover who is “walking on the tightrope,” as Yarge writes about moving on and not wanting to be with the past lover anymore. The Venezuelan artist’s smooth and sultry vocals, along with the hip-hop inspired reggaeton beat create the perfect recipe for a smash as Yarge continues to build a name for herself in the Latin music industry. 

Yarge sings, “ You’re falling and I’m going up // You lost me a long time ago // Now it’s my time,” as she talks about someone who she had a one night stand with, who now wants her back, but it’s too late, as she’s moved on.

The music video, directed by Alejandro Medici, further sets the tone as it features Yarge in a dark intimate setting performing to the camera with her past lover literally walking on a tightrope.

This song comes shortly after the release of her single, “el vuelo,” which has garnered over 240k+ views on YouTube and “mas de ti,” the first single she released while signed to UnitedMasters.

About Yarge:

Yarge, is a singer songwriter born on April 13 2005 in Punto Fijo, Venezuela. From a really young age her parents pushed her into trying different sides of the art world, however her voice left everyone in the family speechless. In 2017, Yarge started releasing small covers on social media, giving her the opportunity to expand and start creating a following of her own path, one of those covers being Dile A El by Rauw Alejandro, who showed his support for Yarge on the cover and how much he loved it. Earlier this year, Yarge released her first single signed to United Masters, “mas de ti” and her latest single “el vuelo” has already amassed over 240k+ views on YouTube. Yarge is currently working on new music with her brother that will be released on the UnitedMasters Team as she continues to pave her path in the music industry. 

About UnitedMasters:

As a new industry alternative for independent artists, UnitedMasters provides premium music distribution services, record label services,  and facilitates unique partnerships between artists and  the world’s biggest brands.





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