Meet D Kirk KV, the latest hip hop and R&B sensation who has pulled in the right crowds

Tell us more about you as a brand

– “ As a brand, I’m a very professional individual. I want handle all of the branding and physical aspects of branding myself as to show that down to earth, creative, and progressive mindset. A big aspect of my brand is that tropical feel and taking you on a island destination. I’m constantly trying to further myself to reach new heights with my overall appearance as a brand.”  

What first got you into music?

-“ I got into music through my dad. He was a DJ, and I was constantly exposed to music by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, LL Cool J and other greats.”  

How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

– “I’ve been in the entertainment industry since my days in college at Kutztown University. Almost 10 long and hard-working years now. ”  

Who do you look up to in the industry?

– “In the industry, I look up to Chris Brown, Tyga, Kid Ink, Big Sean, and Tory Lanez. They are all so versatile in their styles of music as well as entertainers. ”  

What are some of the challenges you face coming into the music industry?

– “Coming into the music industry, I was faced with trying to stay true to the type of music I enjoy making rather than just following the trend. I want to be authentically me no matter what others may think. ”  

How would you describe the competition?

– “Well, I wouldn’t describe anyone as my competitor because I’m not in a competition to see who’s music is better or who gets these streams. I make music to make people feel good and catch vibes. It’s always a good time with Kv. It’s all love and no hate. “

How would you describe the music you create and what makes it stand out? 

– “I create island music mixed with this r&b good vibes feel.That’s the music you can hear and instantly want to have fun, get lit, or just catch a vibe. My music stands out because not too many people take my approach to music. Most of the time when people say I do music, you expect them to say I rap or I do Rnb, but you don’t hear island and Rnb together. That alone sets me apart from others in the music world. ” 

Where have you performed and which was your favorite venue?

– ” I’ve done little performances when I was in college and here and there, nothing too grand, just little showcases. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite since they were kind of random. I did enjoy that uptempo environment and the welcoming audience.” 

What’s your favorite song to perform? (attach link)

– “Like That” is my favorite song to perform because of its lively energy, as well as its catchiness and relatability. I have received a lot of great reviews from fans of this particular song and its distinction from my other works. ” 

What inspired your compositions?

– “What inspires my compositions are those chill reggaeton beats with this R&B tone that creates this experience of being at an event and hearing music that just makes you move and feel a sense of relief from life for a moment while having an amazing time. ” 

Do you have any collaborative projects? Who would you most likely want to work with?

– “ I do have many collaborations. Some of my favorite collabs are No Reason with Mikey100k, Understanding with Maylia, and Special with RNB Base. I would definitely do collaborations with all these artists again and create more magic. With these particular artists, the chemistry and authentic vibe were always there from the very start. 

Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

– “At this moment I have another album in the works. I’m very excited to get more of those vibes out to the fans as well as different PR projects I’m working on. All I can say is that you guys are in for a treat in the coming year. There are many different projects that I am taking the time to invest in and perfect. ” 

What else do you do apart from your art?

– “Apart from music, I am heavily invested in furthering myself as a brand by collaborating with different brands, making reels on Instagram, promoting different brands, working my two jobs as well as going out and having different experiences.” 

What is one mistake you would advise any artist who wants to follow in your footsteps to avoid?

– “ I would say definitely persevere yourself as an artist, which means not letting everyone have access to you and the plans that you are making. Honestly, not everyone has the purest intentions. Be mindful of this in your decisions and the people you surround yourself with. Never let popularity and success go to your head. You can have your greatest downfall. ” 

How can people find you or your projects online? “

– “ I do have a newly launched website,, which is also linked in my bio on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Go check out the merch and music and support your boy D. Kirk (KV). Thank you all. ” 

D Kirk KV

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