FeddyAwwReady: An Independent American artist known for International Afrobeat song called “Wine”

FeddyAwwReady is an Independent American Singer-Rapper & Songwriter recording artist from Dallas, Texas. He is known for his International Afrobeat song called “Wine” the rapper came alive in the streets of Texas and has successfully succeeded with other hit songs like “Twerk Something” “Body Werk” and “Getting To The Money.

The Musician real name is Maurice Lewis, he was born on May 29, 1995 in Dallas, Texas. Though little information is available about his upbringing, FeddyAwwReady subtly explained the struggles he faced growing up with his mother.

With little income on the table, his mother was unable to cover the bills. In a Dallas Observer article, he explains that sometimes they “didn’t have anywhere to sleep” and had to live with other relatives in the family and eat “noodles and cereal every day.” Unable to pay for the electricity, they slept outside some nights. On the musical spectrum, FeddyAwwReady grew up listening to favorite rappers like Tupac, Chamillionaire, Big Sean which inspired him to do music, he’s always had a passion for music every since he saw Michael Jackson Perform “You Are Not Alone” live on television at a young age.

FeddyAwwReady ultimate goal in the music Industry is to successfully make positive impact and to touch many people across the world. FeddyAwwReady has recently dropped a Album called “GOAT VIBES” on Aug. 4th, 2023 which has over 400k streams on streaming platforms. Become a fan and Join FeddyAwwReady on his journey as he spreads a energetic, positive and awareness sound.

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