Monty: Emerging TrapSoul and R&B

Monty. is a TrapSoul and R&B artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With seven years of experience in the industry, Monty. has already achieved great success.

He Said I’m still growing an learning as an artist , but behind my success right now is God for one , my family , my producer @marcelomadeit , an the love of my life my girlfriend Danyale .

Monty will be performing at the BET award weekend showcase in LA.

He said, I need 20 Nominations in 21 days it’s only $20 an you get a free ticket to the show  l’d greatly appreciate your support ! Mind you you don’t have to come to the showcase the ticket is just a thank you from me an my management. Just look for my name “ MONTY.”


Monty’s Upcoming Single:

Monty’s 3rd SINGLE “ ON YOUR MIND”. Coming To ALL Platforms Near You SOON #ITSMONTY#VibeWitMe

Monty’s upcoming single will Available on All Platforms on 23rd May.


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