Celebrate Global Running Day & World Bicycle Day By Stepping Up Your Fitness Fashion & Workout Gear

Calling all fitness lovers!

Today, June 1, is Global Running Day, and Friday, June 3, is World Bicycle Day — which, in our opinion, means this week is workout week!

Global Running Day encourages people of all ages and abilities to exercise in whatever way possible. Maybe today is the day you give that outdoor run you always avoid a try! Or maybe as a celebration, you can finally order a fresh pair of running sneakers and get rid of the pair in your closet that are falling apart at the seams. Don’t feel like leaving the couch today? Totally fine! How about shopping for some workout clothes? That’s just as efficient… at least we think so!

If running isn’t your thing, World Bicycle Day is in two days! While some may enjoy biking as a form of exercise, others use it as a way of transportation — and the rest of us might not have touched one since we were children! Maybe this is your sign to walk — or ride — down memory lane and order yourself a bike! We bet you forgot how much fun bike riding is, especially in the summer. Not interested in bike riding at the moment? Ordering a fresh pair of stylish biker shorts seems close enough!

Whichever way you choose to workout, exercising is extremely important to your mental and physical wellbeing. It can be hard to feel motivated and push yourself to begin, or continue, your fitness journey. The start of this journey is the hardest part, as your muscles may feel extra inflamed, sore and tired. Adding a turmeric gummy into your diet can help solve these problems before you even feel them! Sometimes finding a workout buddy can help too — or maybe some new athleisure attire.

Want a way to celebrate Global Running Day and World Bicycle Day? OK! helps you shop our favorite running and biking gear.

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