Salim Khan Talks MasterClass and More

It’s not news that opening a restaurant isn’t easy. But Salim Khan, owner of The Spice House in Atlanta, wants to share his secrets of success to people who have this ownership dream. He’s currently offering a 6-course online master class offering all sorts of pointers in creating a welcoming place and keeping it open.

“How to Start a Sold-Out, Niche-Based Restaurant in Any City of Market and Dominate the Competition” covers everything from negotiating with suppliers to hiring and keeping good people. Salim Khan will share the effort he put into selecting everything that goes into his places, from the type of food to the colors on the walls, and how he has been able to duplicate this formula for other establishments.

Salim Khan’s class offers plenty of pointers for everyone from current restaurant owners wanting to move to the next level to amateur chefs wanting to someday own their own food truck. 

More info or to sign up visit and and follow him @fivestarsinvestments

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