As one of the top art exhibits in Los Angeles, Street Art Live at THE LUME isn’t just a thing to do in L.A., it’s what to do in LA.

A permanent space that is now debuted with their ​​summer exhibition Street Art Alive, it’s a bucket list destination for those looking for the fun things to do in LA. Tickets for the Street Art Alive experience can be purchased now at

Appropriately named Street Art Alive, the experience showcases a pivotal art movement and tells the story of street art through the lens of the artists in a way that visitors of all ages and cultures can relate to. Art generated from the streets from all over the world transcends the art itself, striking at the heart of social issues, community sentiment, politics and current world affairs. 

The interactive installations span over 25,000 sq. ft, featuring a large-scale, 360-degree multi-sensory gallery and eight original, full-sized sections of the Berlin Wall that include contributions by local street artist RISK. Fully immersive, the experience includes an auditory component with a specially curated soundtrack with music from genre-defining legends. From the distorted punk/pop spilling out of CBGB’s onto the Bowery in New York City in the late ’70s to the turntablism, break beats and rap poetry of 80’s Hip Hop, street art is the visual expression of these seminal sounds.  

The experience begins by putting you smack dab in the New York subway, home of some of the most culturally-moving street art the world has seen. You’ll move through a fantasy world of art underground, from New York to London’s Leake Street Tunnel. Awash in talent, you then emerge into the streets and alleys of iconic cities around the world, including New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and São Paulo to experience the vibrant expression & social commentary of more than 200 street artists, such as Blek le Rat, D*Face, Lady Pink, Dourone, as well as Los Angeles’ Aly Kourouma a.k.a. Timbuctu State, Lauren YS, The Boombap Kids (Woes, Jayski, ABCNT), Yoshi, Darel Carey and many more.

If there is only one thing you can do, make it a tour of this soul-filling exhibit. Tickets start at $39 and are available for purchase online at More information can also be found at

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