TLC Creative Sets to Serve new R-Dogs at Super Bowl LVII alongside Jason Derulo

TLC Creative, based in Los Angeles, is a full-service creative and marketing agency that offers a wide range of services to help businesses achieve their goals. Some of the services they provide include event production, video production, graphic design, and digital marketing. With over 25 years of experience, TLC Creative has built a reputation for delivering high-quality work and exceptional customer service. They bring a wealth of experience, innovative ideas, and cutting-edge technology to every project they work on, and are dedicated to helping their clients achieve success. Whether you need help with a marketing campaign, a corporate event, or a product launch, TLC Creative is ready to bring their expertise and creativity to your project.

Jason Derulo and TLC Creative (head office in Los Angeles, CA) began their creative relationship years ago. Jason’s presence on TikTok was exploding so his team reached out to TLC (@tlciscreative on Instagram) for ways to enhance the spectacular videos with special effects.

Skip forward to 2022. Prior to the Super Bowl,  Jeremey Strong, choreographer for Jason, paid a visit to TLC’s Demo Studios.  

While the creative minds were bouncing ideas around the table, Kevin Bilida (owner of TLC) blew a whistle and in came R-Dog. Jeremey became fascinated with the Robotic Canine and pondered the idea of a dance with Jason and R-Dog. A video of R-Dog made its way over to Jason’s creative team and within moments, the wheels started turning. How hard would it be to modify the current  dance routine for the TikTok stage at Super Bowl LVII? TLC and the engineers at Stokes Robotics assured Jason’s team that it could be done.

So, this Sunday man’s/woman’s best friend will take to the stage with Jason Derulo for a one of a kind performance.  Make sure you watch it Live on TikTok NFL.  For a sneak-peak or for post-game updates visit (

After-party for Philadelphia Eagles at Hyatt Place. Jason Derulo will be performing. R-dogs will have a nap and be back onstage performing twice in one day. They love an audience.

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