J Young MDK attends L.A. Netflix movie premiere “Dayshift” Starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Snoop Dogg

The Stars were out last Thursday night! Among them was Atlanta Hip Hop artist J Young MDK who attended the Red carpet & exclusive VIP Gala premiere for “ Dayshift”. That included Oscar winning award Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Meagan Good.

Day Shift,” a new action-horror-comedy on Netflix is already getting a lot of buzz for its take on classic vampire stories as well as an impressive soundtrack. It was released Aug. 12 and includes a stellar cast, starting with superstar Jamie Foxx as Bud, a pool cleaner in California’s San Fernando Valley who secretly takes out vampires on the side. cleaner in California’s San Fernando Valley who secretly takes out vampires on the side.

One of the hot tracks “ BUD” ( Blowing Down Vamps) featuring Jamie Foxx and BSB Boys. And WE Are ALL for IT!

Young was on tour with Latto, Monster Energy Outbreak Presents Latto 777 Tour featuring the rapper, Saucy Santana and other acts.

He is best known for his four albums, starting with 2019’s “Now or Never” which was produced by mentor Grammy award winner Jamie Foxx. In its first week, it received more than 100,000 streams.

He also made music history in 2020 by releasing two full-length albums in one day, “Aqua” which showed the world his R&B skills and “Black” that demonstrated his rap side. Later that year he released “White” which accompanied his alternative video.

As part of the promotion for “Aqua” and “Black”, J Young MDK released one new track each week, a project he called #50Songs50Weeks in 2020.

Along with finding success in music, he’s been in several TV shows and movies, everything from “MixedGirl “ “The App that Stole Christmas” on Netflix to “Feds Did a Sweep” on AppleTV.

To learn more about J Young MDK, follow him on social media @jyoungmdk. Watch Netflix “ Dayshift” and download “ BUD” on Apple Music.

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