Eric Williams, aka Long Beach Ewill:  A Name You Should Get To Know In The Music Scene

My name is Eric Williams, aka Long Beach Ewill. I was born and raised on the east side of Long Beach Ca. I came up playing football, but became a even better basketball player. Growing up in the hood wasn’t easy. I had to bear through the trials and tribulations like most inner city kids. Ultimately I went to Long Beach City College and became an all American in basketball. I received a full ride scholarship to Tarlton State University. There I averaged a double double my senior season and that helped me get my first professional basketball contract to play overseas in Germany. From that day on I continued playing overseas for more than 11 years. Now that my basketball career is coming to an end I want to make my passion for music more present. Music has been in my heart since I was a kid. I chose the name Long Beach Ewill because I love my city and this is where it all started for me. The music that I’ve made and will be creating is really coming from my heart. I have songs that I have dropped this year such as; Pain, On Babies,Steppa, Yea-Yea, Shake That and Dead Homies. I feel like I fit in the r&b and trap soul genre of hip hop, but don’t keep me in the box  because you will hear me do other genres of music. keep your eye out for Long Beach Ewill. You can find me @longbeachewill on all social media platforms.

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