‘Soulsfeng’ Has Strengths Developing New Strategies & Business Challenges


Being a good entrepreneur comes with many responsibilities. You must actively promote your business, earn good profits, and constantly engage in your company’s development.

Besides these duties, a good entrepreneur also studies market behavior and develops new strategies and plans based on his or her observations. That sounds tiring, doesn’t it? Well, it is. Being an entrepreneur is challenging and overwhelming. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. You must work hard in order to gain popularity and put your business on the right track.

It is a basic strength of business organizations too. The provocation of change toward future business prosperity is the result of the entrepreneurial zeal of the people.Today we have one of the top enterpreneur of Future Footwear Technology Corporation ‘ David Feng’.

He started the company (Soulsfeng) Future Footwear Technology Corporation in 2016, which produces and sells shoes. Before that, he had been in this business for over 7 years.

Soulsfeng is the brand name of Future Footwear Technology Corporation (FFT). For the last five years, FFT has always been at the forefront of technological research & sports analysis. Soulsfeng is a fashion shoe brand with graffiti art at its heart.

SKYTRACK X Rebosober Blue Graffiti Lighting Sneaker

Cool Lighting : There are several color modes to choose from,  Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Skyblue and Purple. You can change the color by pressing the button on the sole. Press the button for more than 3 seconds to switch the lighting on and off.

Rechargeable: Fully charged battery can last over 48 hours. Rechargeable battery takes 4 hours from empty to fully charged.

Product Link:

Product Demonstration Link:

The company’s strategy is to develop their business based on the United States market and expand business to all over the world. He was inspired to start the business of combining graffiti art and shoes by JP O’donnell and Ilya Sober, the graffiti art designers. Elon Musk is of course the role model for the technology.

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