Forrest Kolb: Saving the World One Step at a Time

Forrest Kolb

No matter how someone finds themselves, their successes, losses, and hardships should be embraced and recognized. One’s distinct identity is forged as one progresses along their journey, making a lasting impact on the world.

While discussing this, it is hard not to mention the name of Forrest Kolb. He got married to the love of his life, Patricia Manterola, on December 12, 2010, in the Chapel of Guadalupe in the ecological park Xcaret in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Patricia is a well-known Mexican singer and actress, and she met Forrest on a garden rooftop of a boutique hotel in Los Angeles. From meeting on that rooftop and emailing one another a few weeks later, to falling in love, the couple decided to tie the knot later in the same calendar year despite the fact that Patricia was 11 years older than him. 

While this age difference never mattered for both Forrest and Patricia, it got quite the attention from the media. Now Forrest was known for being Patricia’s 11-year younger husband. While Forrest has no hard feelings about this, it has become evident that he is a man with many gifts and talents. He has his own identity and his work is worthy of acknowledgment and recognition. 


Apart from being Patricia’s husband, he has also become known as a model and actor. He was featured in global campaigns for brands like Seiko, Ferragamo, Ducati, Aveda, and Samsung. He was cast in A night at the Silent Movie Theatre, a 2012 film directed by Tim Russ.Even though he played a minor role, he still appreciated his acting skills. Additionally, he was featured with Patricia in a music video for the track “Gracias” directed by Isi Sarfati. 

Most people know Forrest for all this and are unaware of the many successes that he has had under his name.

Forrest was born on July 20, 1982  in California, of German and Persian descent. He also has influences from Russian, Polish, Irish, and Scottish descents through his father. Modeling or acting is what he is most famous for, not what he wished for or planned. After graduating from the University of California, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering. He was always devoted to eco-friendly living, which led him to bioengineering. He was an intern at NASA before doing R&D at Genentech in San Francisco. 

Together with Joe Paone, Forrest developed EcoFlip, a GreenTech company founded on his passion for an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through solar panel installation and other energy solutions, the company promotes green living. With his knowledge of climate change and desire to save the world, he is well connected to the climatic situation. 

In addition to helping people who are struggling with their lives, he also wishes to help those who are trying to survive each day. Apart from being an eco-enthusiast, he is also concerned about human well-being. As a theologian, psychologist, and spiritualist, he has deep interests in these fields. He also believes in the power of spiritual healing and how it can bring positivity into one’s life. This led him to create the Love Angeles Magazine and TheSelf communities.Spiritual well-being and positive news are discussed in these two mediums. Forrest is also the Global Marketing Director for Prime Time US, internationally known for the best selling books and films, The Secret. 

Forrest Kolb has a net worth of approximately USD 14M. Patricia, his wife, and his three sons, including twins, are dear to him. In every sector he steps into, he makes a mark, establishing his true identity and standing. 

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