You should know about DJ BIBB: ANGHAMI’S Latest Star

Bibb began his career in 2013 by collecting music and
playing them for friends. In 2015, he bought his first DJ
controller and started to play for school parties and friends
By 2018, Bibb was invited to play in one of the top music
venues in Batroun known as HYPE.
As his name grew wider and wider through Lebanon, Bibb
performed in almost every club in Lebanon and is now
resident at 4 clubs.
Not only is Bibb a resident DJ in well-known clubs, yet he
uploaded his own mixes on most music platforms reaching
listeners from all around the world, having his mixes reach
up to 600k streams.
Adding to all his achievements, Bibb reached getting to
play on the radio for NRJ Lebanon, known as the biggest
and top radio station worldwide, becoming one of their
new resident DJs.

The well-known platform ANGHAMI has gained another special talent, DJ Bibb, posting his
mixes reaching listeners across the Middle East. Being an intelligent artist, Bibb started posting
his mixes during the days of quarantine, keeping the people hyped through it all. His mixes
encouraged people to work out and gain listeners through the gyms. His first mix was released in
April 2020 gaining 180,000 streams. That was only the first mix released, followed by 12
different styled mixes of various genres. Bibb reached a total of about 700,000 streams to this
day, becoming verified on the ANGHAMI platform. One of the mixes, POP ANTHEM, reached
a total of 75,000 in just six months. Requests are flying through the roof from fans for Bibb to
upload more mixes because of how much they loved them.




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